“I asked My Way Music to arrange for my wife’s favourite Take That song to be sung during the signing of the register as a surprise – it was amazing! The performance moved many to tears and was a real highlight.” - Mr C. Kraft, Putney

What We Do

The key is YOU

We can create any music in any style that you require.

If you want an opera singer to sing Elton John backed by strings, that's fine. Primal Scream sung by a choir with double bass and drums? No problem. Walk out of the ceremony to the sounds of Whitney Houston, Robbie Williams or Mumford and Sons on fanfare-like brass, you've got it.

My Way Music provides unique music arrangements for special occasions.


Our arrangements cover many different musical genres and performance styles, from pop classics sung by a choir to rock anthems performed by a brass group.

“My Way Music arranged vocal music (chosen by us) especially for a group of friends to sing at our wedding. It made the ceremony incredibly special”  - Mr and Mrs Hemingway

You want it, we can do it.